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Quality – Research and Development
The environment
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Agripolyane places an emphasis on respecting the environment.

Our responsibility towards the environment influences the different steps of development and production.

Agripolyane is a member of the only group capable of covering its entire electrical consumption by its own production of renewable energy. Indeed, Plastika Kritis produces more than 48 million kWh of wind and photovoltaic energy.

Moreover, our production equipment is state-of-the-art and has been designed to reduce our energy needs.

We develop additives and several agricultural films which enable growers to reduce the use of phytosanitary products and to biologically combat specific viruses.

Other products in our range promote a natural increase in the yield of certain crops by manipulating particular parameters such as light and temperature which optimize the development of plants without the use of chemical agents. This encourages biological farming.

Along these same lines, our latest development regarding geomembrane is directly and naturally tied to the environmental cause. Its use not only enables the treatment of water storage in the agricultural world but also protects the ground-water tables against Lixivia which is caused by discharge grounds and mining zones.

Finally, Agripolyane integrates biodegradable materials into certain products with the aim of facilitating the recovery, treatment and sorting at the end of the product life. Biodegradability and compostability have become an essential part of our products’ features. Bio-sourced (plant-based) materials are also used to reduce the carbon footprint. Agripolyane is thus becoming one of the key European producers on the biodegradable products market.

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