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For over 50 years, Agripolyane has been creating and manufacturing top quality films. Our know-how allows us to offer an extremely wide range of products which meet the specific needs of each business sector.

Agricultural films include greenhouse cover films (tunnel and multispan), mulching films, cattle shed films and silage films. These films are designed to help optimize the production of market gardening and horticultural crops by adapting not only to the type of crop, but also to the environmental conditions such as the local geography and climate of cultivation. This level of customization is possible thanks to our knowledge and expertise in the field of agronomics. Agripolyane is number one in France and one of the major European players in the domain of greenhouse films.

The Industrial films in our range cover all needs in the field of industrial flexible packaging: stretch films, protective covers, surface protection films or simple packaging films. All our products can be modified on request to meet our customers’ required properties.

Construction films include protective films for surfaces and impermeable films for use under concrete slabs. Agripolyane is home to one of the most famous brands in the field of industrial films : POLYANE®.

Geomembrane films retain all forms of liquids. They can be used as liners for public landfills, as well as in storm basins and fresh water retention basins such as dams, canals and irrigation ponds. Agripolyane is the first French producer of HDPE, LLDPE and FPP geomembranes.

Building on our experience and know-how and thanks to the flexibility of our product range, we are able to offer our customers a solution which is adapted to their specific needs and market type.
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