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Quality – Research and Development
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Our quality system follows the strict guidelines of our ISO 9001:2008 certification which covers everything from the development and production to the sales of our products. Processes for each application are in line with certification for the FPP and HDPE geomembranes.

Agripolyane houses our own accredited test laboratory which is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments which enable us to internally conduct all the tests required by various international norms. Our impressive test and development lab equipment enable us to measure : Optical properties (eg. hazemetre, opacimetre), Mechanical properties (eg. dynamometer with infrared camera, dynamometer for slow perforation, dart drop test), Physico-chemical properties (DSC, Melt index, UV and IR spectrophotometre, accelerated aging cell, stress cracking, anti-fog cell). Our laboratory equipment also includes a test extruder to allow us to design and build your product from start to finish.

Records concerning production, quality control and raw materials are archived for each product batch allowing us to guarantee complete traceability.

Agripolyane is the only producer in the world to be totally integrated in our business sector.

Our R&D department is based on the development and manufacturing of additives, products and process (with an Engineering group dedicated to each building trade) and agronomical yields.

Thanks to this synergy and a high technological watch within the group, we have been developing products recognized for their efficiency in their field : films dedicated to flower-growing, special films for berries, high resistant films to pesticides, the famous cooling film named Celloclim® (micro-bubbles film)…

ZI Clos Marquet - BP 188 - 42408 SAINT CHAMOND CEDEX, France
Tél. : +33477311000 - Fax : +33477311075