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Quality – Research and Development
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Agripolyane was founded in Saint Chamond (France) more than 50 years ago by a large French petrochemical group with the intention of developing and promoting the use of plastics. Some of the products created in our workshops went on to become everyday essentials which are now used the world over : garbage bags, stretch films, construction films and agricultural films.

Thanks to its long experience, Agripolyane has become number one in France and one of the leaders on the world market for the design and manufacture of greenhouse films.

Committed to continuous improvement, in 2010 Agripolyane became the first French producer of HDPE, FPP, EVA and LLDPE geomembranes.

With innovative production equipment comprising certain pieces of machinery which are the largest in the world, Agripolyane’s market extends across more than 60 countries. Today, Agripolyane is a member of the Plastika Kritis group and is one of the only key players developing their own additives. This allows us to adapt our products to the specific requirements of each client.

Our company
ZI Clos Marquet - BP 188 - 42408 SAINT CHAMOND CEDEX, France
Tél. : +33477311000 - Fax : +33477311075