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Quality – Research and Development
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Agripolyane’s facility stretches over a covered surface of 27000m² and has a capacity of 18000 tons/year. The flexibility provided by our German-designed production equipment allows us to be one of the most responsive production facilities in our domain.

Agripolyane benefits from leading-edge technology designed and developed at a group-level. Our process is classed as one of the most important in Europe and allows us to produce agricultural films of widths up to 18m and geomembrane with thicknesses of up to 2.5mm. The company is committed to continuous improvement regarding the intrinsic quality and use of our products by integrating new technologies : C-Folds, continuous gravimetric dosage, continuous thickness control, bar code tracing, …

We not only use new generation materials such as metallocene, but also traditional polymers like LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and EVA. By taking advantage of the know-how of our group, we are able to manufacture all the additives required in-house, thus making us able to respond to different and specific needs on the market.

All the films and geomembranes are produced with co-extrusion tri-layer technology which consists of manufacturing three inseparable layers, each made with different polymers and different additives. This contributes to the quality of the product with its specific properties which produce optimum performance in the different domains required.

ZI Clos Marquet - BP 188 - 42408 SAINT CHAMOND CEDEX, France
Tél. : +33477311000 - Fax : +33477311075